OTC Medicines that Cause Miscarriages

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According to the recent studies, about eighty percent of all American women take prescription or over-the-counter drugs during their pregnancy. Although some of the medications are perfectly safe in small doses, there are still quite considerable dangers and risks involved. Increased probability of a fetal abnormality or a miscarriage has been connected with even common OTC drugs like aspirin.


It is proven that many herbal supplements which may be easily purchased at any health food store can actually cause miscarriage. For instance, herbs including black and blue cohosh, goldenseal and basil root often trigger uterine contractions. This leads to miscarriage if the mother-to-be is not full term in her pregnancy. Some other herbs like mugwort and ginseng may cause serious birth defects. Therefore, you have to tell your doctor about all the herbal supplements you are taking during your pregnancy, even if they are believed to be completely safe.


Even though there are some risks involved, taking over-the-counter medications can still benefit pregnant women. But you need to keep in mind that most OTC drugs should be taken in the minimum possible dose that is necessary to control symptoms. On top of that, you should try to choose the least toxic medication of the category. For example, it is better to use acetaminophen and not aspirin for getting rid of headaches or chlorpheniramine and not guaifenesin for treating a bad cold. In general, the risks of serious birth defects as well as miscarriage from most of over-the-counter medications are really mild. Sometimes, the benefits of taking OTC drugs considerably outweigh the possibility of doing harm to the fetus.

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